Neo-Marxism and how religion can cause social change


Neo-Marxism and how religion can cause social change


  • Otto Maduro - Religion is a force for social change.
  • The Liberation theory - In the 1960's in Latin America the clergy began to help the WC to see the oppression they faced and so they began to help the WC.
  • Casanova (1994) - The Liberation theory played a big part in resisting state terror and it brought about huge social change.
  • Martin Luther King Jr - Brought about social change and revolution. He used his religion to power his journey towards equality for all races.
  • Archbishop Tutu - Like Martin Luther King Jr he used his religion to help gain equality.


  • The clergy can work with the MC to oppress the WC. Eg The Church can get involved with political parties.
  • Pope John Paul ll rejected the Liberation theory and told priests to focus on their religious responsibilities.


Neo-Marxist take into consideration the traditional Marxist views, but Neo-Marxist take a modern view on the theory. Neo-Marxist reject that religion is a conservative force, they believe that religion can encourage social change and social revoluation. There are many many examples where religion has been a force of social change. Eg The Iranian Revolution, the Liberation Theory and even the work done by Martin Luther King Jr. 


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