Old V New America - A Streetcar Named Desire & The Help


Old V New America - A Streetcar Named Desire & The Help


  • Blanche = protagonist - represents Old American Southern values (or at least tries to) - Hilly - antagonist also represents these values (or a subverted form of them)
  • Elizabeth Leefolt - someone who would benefit from New American ideals about class - clings to Old American ideals through her desperation to be liked by Hilly
  • Skeeter's Mother - represents Old American values but is not unlikable - has been pressured by social expectations to act as she does - is also a victim
  • Mitch - New American values retain Old American values surrounding sex - Stuart's opinion of his ex-girlfriend


  • Stanley - antagonist - represents New American values (as do Skeeter, Aibileen and Minny) - in both texts New America wins against Old America
  • Stella - grew up with Old American values, has sacrificed these to have sexual freedom and happiness with Stanley - selfish? - forsakes her sister and refuses to believe her about the ****
  • Celia and Johnny = hope for the future
  • Celia's friendship with Minny - crosses colour boundaries - represents New American racial values
  • Skeeter's father - Doesn't know that some of his values align with New American ones, but perpetuates compassion anyway

Overall comparison

New America wins in both texts - but is not perfect (but definitely less racist


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