Open Source Software

The advantages and disadvantages of Open Source software, for use with comparison of my propeaitery software one.


Open Source Software


  • Open source means that anyone can edit and adapt it. This can help the company to find mistakes and also allows a community to be built around the code, who support each other.
  • It is more often than not free, as the code may sometimes need developing beyond what it is already been used for.
  • Users can adapt it for there own use.


  • It is easier to implant a bug or virus in the software.
  • May not have a bug fixing or help system as much as proprietary software.


Overall, open source software is much more accessible and useful, but only if you are a programmer or have the time to adapt it and re-code some of it. For people who do not understand technology, proprietary software is much better and simpler to use.




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