Psychodynamic vs Behaviourist

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Psychodynamic vs Behaviourist


  • (-) determinist approach
  • (+) successful real life applications
  • (-) both therapies do not empower the patient


  • (-) psych is unfalsifiable; weakness as you can't test its theories in an objective way unlike the beh which is a scientific approach
  • (+) psych recognises animal instincts, the unconscious mind and childhood experiences; strength as it has led to psychoanalysis therapy which has been used with success
  • (-) beh is more relevant to animals than humans; weakness as animals are physiologically different to us and so findings cannot be generalised; PAVLOV, SKINNER
  • (-) beh focuses on nurture; BREGMAN 1934
  • (+) psych focuses on nature (childlhood experiences) and nurture (id)

Overall comparison

In conclusion, although the psychodynamic approach is not scientific and unfalsifiable, it is more useful than the behaviourist approach. this is because the beh approach is more relevant to animals as shown by studies such as Pavlov's and Skinner's and so the findings cannot be generalised to humans, whereas the psychodynamic approach recognises animal instincts, unconscious mind and childhood experiences, making it far more useful and relevant to humans, allowing psychologists to treat abnormal behaviour


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