Stalin's Five Year Plans


Stalin's Five Year Plans


  • - Whilst the evidence we have is a little shaky, we can still argue that the Plans did have some level of success
  • - The Five Year Plans had some level of planning and organisation as a concept which differed from Lenin's somewhat chaotic approach
  • - He stuck with an ideology


  • - The only reason some level of success was made, was Stalin struck the fear of God into people
  • - The plans that were submitted were poorly researched and impossible to achieve which led to false statistics being submitted
  • - The planning itself was not the reason Russians worked so hard- it was their own motivation


As a concept, it was good. But in practice, the people who were put in charge of implementing these targets made them terrible and impossible. Stalin's trademark terror is seen here too, as that was what made the statistics so good. It can be said that Stalin was a little more organised than Lenin as he had structure, stuck to an ideology and was consistent. 


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