The Black Death vs. The Great Plague


The Black Death vs. The Great Plague


  • They both had flaggellents
  • Believed in supernatural ideologies
  • Believed in miasma (bad smells in the air)
  • Believed that lucky charms could prevent dieases
  • They believed that hugging a chicken will rid the disease from the patient and be transferred to the chicken or any other animal that they would hug (cats, dogs etc.)


  • The Black Death based its theories of treatment on older theories and ideas (Hipporcrates and Galen)
  • The Black Death applied the theory of the 4 Humours and balancing them out
  • Books of treatment and prevention of the Black Death were written by hand whereas during The Great Plague, the printing press was available so these ideas were quicker to access
  • More scientific breakthroughs had taken place during the times of The Great Plague, so their evidence for treatment had been backed by the limited scientific knowledge they had during that period.
  • They used more practical methods of prevention and treatment instead of the traditional superstitious ideas.

Overall comparison

The Black Death and The Great Plague have similarities in how they were prevented and treated as a result of Britain being heavily religious during both time periods. However, due to the advancement and adaptation of creations in society, the era of The Great Plague was better because of the new found scientific knowledge and the invention of the printing press made the information of new discoveries and treatment easier to access, in comparison to the hand written records of The Black Death era


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