The First Five-Year Plan (1951-55)


The First Five-Year Plan (1951-55)


  • Accelerated the move to the nationalisation of industry
  • Industries and factories taken over and formed into People's Enterprises
  • The plan emphasised the need to expand heavy industry
  • Did increase the production of lignite (brown coal), electricity, iron and cement


  • Faced with the difficulty of severe shortages in technology and equipment
  • Coal and steel production fell a long way short of the targets
  • Workers under immense pressure to work hard and for long hours
  • Lack of consumer goods
  • The pressures of this plan led to increased migration to the FRG
  • Emphasis was on quantity not quality, this meant that it was difficult to sell produced goods to western markets


Overall, the plan is seen as a success. However, the pressure put on the workers and the lack of consumer goods meant that people were unhappy with the government. 


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