The Munich Putsch: Advantages and Disadvantages for the Nazis


The Munich Putsch: Advantages and Disadvantages for the Nazis


  • Hitler used his trial to make a speech that won over the crowd and judges
  • Newspapers throughout Germany reported on his trial leading to widespread recognition
  • Hitler impressed the public by having General Ludendorff's support
  • The Nazis learnt that in order to gain control they had to use other means than just violence
  • Hitler was able to write Mein Kampf whilst in prison which allowed him to publish and spread his views
  • Hitler was able to come across as brave and heroic to the public which was a change from other politicians


  • The Nazis didn't gain the support they thought they would from the police and army
  • Hitler was sent to prison, giving his rivals 9 months to devise a strategy to defeat him
  • Hitler was unable to lead the Nazi party from jail
  • The Bavarian Prime Minister Kahr was not sent to prison so had time to assemble other right wing groups against Hitler and the Nazis


Even though the Munich Putsch itself was a failure as it didn't seize power for the Nazis, in the long-term it was very beneficial for the Nazis because it made them national news and brought them to the attention of more potential supporters. Without the Munich Putsch, the Nazis may have faded into obscurity during Germany's Golden Years that were to follow. Hitler's charisma was given a platform to the nation for the first time that he wouldn't have gotten had the Munich Putsch not occurred and failed. Overall, the Munich Putsch benefited Hitler and the Nazi Party in a way that people couldn't have predicted at the time. 


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