Treaty of Versailles

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Treaty of Versailles


  • Some people thought the Treaty of Versailles was fair because the war had caused so much death and damage.
  • They thought Germany had to be made weaker so it couldn't go to war again.
  • People in France and Britain wanted revenge - politicians listened to them so that they could stay in power.


  • The Germans were left weak and resentful - this could lead to anger and cause future trouble, like another war.
  • The treaty wouldn't help rebuild European trade and wealth - Germany couldn't afford the reparations, and many of the new countries were poor.
  • The peacemakers faced problems and pressure from the people at home.


There are even advantages and disadvantages for the Treaty of Versailles, however I believe that the advantages weight out the disadvantages, as the punishments were harsh, Germany deserved it due to all of the trouble and damaged they had caused in the previous war.


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