Van IJzendoorn and Kroonenberg Evaluation


Van IJzendoorn and Kroonenberg Evaluation


  • Generalisability - large sample so can generalise attachment types to other cultures as it was based on these.
  • Reliability - shows consistency of results, based on a replicable procedure.
  • Ethics - no ethical issues as used a meta-analysis of 8 different countries this means they used secondary data so they did not engage with the participants.
  • Credible - can be seen as reliable and generalisable
  • Objective - quantitative data, no interpretation of the data.


  • Ethnocentric - may only reflect the norms and values of that culture and so cannot generalise the results on attachment to everyone.
  • Come mainly from individualist cultures - cannot generalise to a collectivist culture.
  • Validity - researchers interpreted secondary data so they may have interpreted it wrong.


Conclusion point - In conclusion, Van iJzendoorn and Kroonenbergs meta-analysis study have many strengths and weakness when explain the strange situation procedure and attachment...


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