War Photographer vs London


War Photographer vs London


  • Both are unable to help those in suffering.
  • Both explore personal experiences and the impact this had on lives.
  • Both highlight how those in power fail to help those in need.
  • Both poems are used to voice the poets opinion on the impact of neglecting.
  • Both poems open a window on a dark world that many might not want to see.
  • Both poems talk about the suffering of the innocent.
  • Both poems act as a warning to society.


  • War Photographer talks about the impact of war and conflict on the psyche.
  • London acts a response to the Industrial Revolution and acts as a fierce critique to humankind's failure to build a society based on love, community and freedom.

Overall comparison

Both act as a response to the neglecting of those in suffering and in need. The poems open a window on a dark world that the government might not want to recognise as a problem. However, War Photographer introduces the theme of war and the impact conflict has on the human psyche. On the other hand, London is a critical response to the failure of the upper class to help build a society, who support each other.


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