Weimar Constitution Strengths and weaknesses

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Weimar Constitution Strengths and weaknesses


  • All adults 20+ have right to vote
  • Reichstag's decisions checked by Reichsrat
  • Proportional Representation : any party who gained votes from public get say in gov.  (FAIR)
  • Equal rights for all German's


  • Article 48- Pres. makes law in emergency w/o Reichstag's vote (leads to dictatorship)
  • Elections every 7yrs- A lot can happen in 7yrs
  • Proportional Representation: lots of small parties in gov. Leads to coalition gov. Coalitions collapse as soon as disagreements=weak gov.


Weimar Constitution quite weak as Article 48 can lead to a dictatorship which is what happens with Hitler. However, there is equal rights and the decisions of the Constitution is checked.


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