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  • Rallied both middle and upper classes and their political representatives in the Reichstag behind the Kaiser and government.
  • Centre Party's support of this policy represented an effective majority in the Reichstag government
  • Gained support of many ordinary people by playing on their feelings of patriotism
  • Started naval construction - showed Germany to be a great power like Britain with their navy. Navy became a patriotic symbol and won support
  • Posessed a powerful army
  • Expansion of economic influence to an extent
  • Diverted attention away from domestic affairs - social and political reform


  • Caused budget to run into debt - cost of maintaining army, expanding navy and running the empire took effect - increase in deficit
  • Germany felt it would be naive to befriend Britain. Believed rivalry between Britain and France would lead to war and cause Germany to appear stronger. However 1904 Entente Cordiale meant cooperation between the two nations - Germany could no longer rely on Anglo-French hostility to strengthen their own hand
  • Did not pose a threat to many other powers - possessed few colonies; little progress in terms of promoting Germany to world power status - limited achievements but at enormous cost
  • Direct rivalry with Britain over navy and colonies
  • Seen as an aggressive policy
  • Altered balance of power in Europe
  • No clear purpose


Not as successful as what Germany had initially hoped for


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