AS Law - Unit 1

Hey guys,

Five days left before the Unit 1 exam so I hope you can benefit off these notes. The layouts not that great but its the content that matters :)

Quite certain ive covered all thats necessary and a lot of it might seem like waffle but i can assure you you'll get the marks

Note 1: For the ADR section the advantages and disdavantages for all ADR are listed in one section so if a question asks for advantages and disadvantages of negotiation just select the ones that apply to that.

Note 2: I recommend making flash cards on the parts you dont know to get you up to speed with all the content 

Good luck to everyone!

P.S. There may be one or two obvious and ammendable mistakes

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for note 1 i meant that if it asks for advantages and disadvantages of one form of ADR i.e. abritration or negotiation or something, just apply the advantages and disadvantages that are relevant to it from the list



p.p.s didn't proof read it, quite a few spelling / grammar mistakes :,)