"British Monarchy: The Crisis of State" - Summary Sheets.

8 Mind maps which summarise the entire course.

1. The Defeat of Charles I 1642 - 46

2. The Failure to Reach Settlement 1646 -49

3. Republican Rule 1649 -53

4. Cromwell's Protectorate 1653 - 60

5. Charles II & The Restoration 1660 - 67

6. The Consolidation of Charles II reign 1667 - 78

7. The Triumph of Charles II 1678 - 85

8. James II & The Glorious Revolution 1685-89

I hope this helps get some of the events and key themes of the course in your mind clearly and acts as a basis of your revision.

Good luck in your exams

Everything produced here is my own work, do not mark as your own.

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