Edexcel Bio Unit 1 AS Revision Papers

A list of practice papers for unit 1 from the old course (from 2006) that are relevent to the new (from 2008 )course

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Exam papers from the previous specification

The current specification started in 2008. It is very similar to the previous Edexcel GCE Salters-Nuffield Biology specification and past papers and mark schemes for that can be downloaded from the Edexcel website.

Material examined in the ‘old’ Unit 1 (Topics 1 and 2) and Unit 5 (Topics 7 and 8) papers will be similar to the 2008 specification. Topics 3 and 6 are also pretty much the same, but Topics 4 and 5 have been changed quite a bit. This means that you must use the old Unit 2 (Topics 3 and 4) and Unit 4 (Topics 5 and 6) with care. The synoptic style questions from the old Unit 6 paper will be examined in a similar form within the new Unit 5. The new unit 6 is coursework, which used to be part of the old Unit 5.

For SNAB students :


If you are looking for older papers from 2003 (the course before the 2006 course) look here : http://vle.havant.ac.uk/Biology_web/exam_papers.htm

I m not sure how relevent they might be,but could still have some relevant info.

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