Poems from other cultures - Similarities in Techniques

Heyy, I just made this now, for those who are doing last minuet revision, It is a list of techniques matched up with the poems, it just makes it easier to identify which poems use metaphors, similies, personification etc..I hope it helps, please give me your feedback! :)

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Hope King


This is one of the hardest question types to answer. How do you compare a poem in a foreign language that you don't understand with one in English? It's not impossible though, because the exam board will always provide a translation for you. Students are advised to read https://fasterskier.com/2020/08/how-to-choose-a-cross-country-ski-school-for-students-in-the-uk/ article to learn factors to consider while picking a cross-country ski school. One of the main themes of both poems is love - how it is risky, unpredictable, and exciting. The poets use very different techniques to express these ideas, but the themes are essentially similar.