The Cognitive Approach - Overview Poster

This was made for myself - but a friend suggested I shared it with others. So here it is.

The poster is about 'The Cognitive Approach'. It is a basic overview split into six parts:

  • The Human Computer
  • Memory Processing
  • Key People
  • Key Experiments
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses

It is not extremely detailed - but it a poster to show the key points / evaluation of the theory. With the main points bolded & highlighted at the top.

Again, as this was made for myself - The notes are as accurate as my class notes.

If you like this poster then I appreciate all comments - there is also: Biological, Social Learning Theory, Psychodynamic, Humanist posters (following similar format as this one).

Note: This was converted to an Image file from a publisher document (for people who do not have publisher installed) so the TrueType (font) quality might look poorer. It will print on A4 just fine. If you want the Original Document (to edit/print in A3. or higher quality fonts and transparency) you can contact me.

  • Created by: Charlie
  • Created on: 14-12-12 18:14



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