A Christmas Carol

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Briefly summarise the key events in Stave One

Scrooge and his clerk, Bob Cratchit, are working on Christmas Eve. Scrooge's nephew, Fred, invites Scrooge to Christmas dinner, but he refuses. Scrooge also refuses to give any money to the charity collectors. Scrooge's old business partner Jacob Marley appears at Scrooge's house. First his face is seen in Scrooge's doorknocker and then he speaks to Scrooge and warns him that he will be visited by three ghosts to help him change his ways.

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Briefly summarise the key events in Stave Two

The Ghost of Christmas Past appears and shows Scrooge a series of visions. Scrooge sees himself reading alone at school and his sister, Fan, taking him home in another. He sees himself as an apprentice celebrating Christmas with his master, Fezziwig. He then sees his former fiancee, Belle, breaking off their engagement and her as a married woman with her family. Scrooge tries to get rid of the ghost and falls asleep.

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Briefly summarise the key events in Stave Three

Scrooge meets the ghost of Christams present. THe ghost takes him to lots of differenet placesThey go first onto the streets of London where they see excited people as they prepare for Christmas. Next, they visit the home of Bob Cratchit and his family. At their meal, they toast Scrooge, who provides Bob with his living. Then, they travel to a moor which is home to a community of miners who, despite their poverty, are all attired in their finest clothes for Christmas.They then, go to the sea where they board a ship and observe every man on the watch and on the deck as they hum a Christmas song. Next, they visit Scrooge's nephew, Fred, who is celebrating Christmas with his wife and friends. After dinner, they mock Scrooge in a game but Fred also wishes his uncle a merry Christmas. Finally, they travel to all sorts of places, including almshouses and hospitals, in foreign lands and in England. Despite the obvious suffering, all of the people they see are happy and enjoying the festive season. Before he leaves, the ghost introduces Scroooge to Ignorance and Want.

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Briefly summarise the key events in Stave Four

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows Scrooge a vision of the future. he overhears people talking about a man who has died. Some theives are trying to sell the dead man;s property. A couple are glad as they have more time to pay back money that they owe him. Scrooge sees the corpse, but does not uncover its face. The ghost shows him Bob Cratchit's family who are mourning Tiny Tim. Scrooge sees  gravestone with his name on it and realises that the dead man was himself. 

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Briefly summarise the key events in Stave Five

Scrooge wakes up on Christmas day and realises that he stil has the chance to change. He orders a large turket to be sent to Bob Cratchit. He promises to give money to the charity collector and spends Christmas with Fred. On Boxing Day he treats Bob Cratchit generously. The narrator explans that Scrooge's transformation was permanent.

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