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Rebranding is not just about changing a name, it is about changing image and reception whilst also changing content 

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Regenerating Places

Places vary economically and socially, change can include movements of people, capital and resources. 

This means that some places become marginalised and are "left behind"

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Regeneration is the process of improving a place by making positive changes 

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Rebranding Definition

Rebranding is creating a new image or reputation for an area 

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4 parts

  • 1) How and why places vary 
  • 2) Why regeneration might be needed 
  • 3) How regeneration is managed 
  • 4) Assessing the success of regeneration 
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Key Idea - Economies

Economies can be classified in different ways and vary from place to place

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Clark-Fisher Model

Quinary, the highest levels of decision making in an economy. Top business execs and officials in government, universities, media, science, etc. Mainly in scince and technology 

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Primary Industry Jobs

Primary industry jobs acquires raw materials, e.g. crops, fish or minerals 

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Secondary Industry Jobs

Secondary industry jobs manufactures or assembles raw materials into new commodities 

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Tertiary Industry Jobs

Tertiary industry jobs refers to services e.g. transporting the goods manufactured to the stores 

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Quaternary Industry Jobs

Quaternary industry jobs is also known as the "knowledge" sector of the economy, it involves services, e.g. R&D and IT (Information Technology)

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Types of employment

Permanent -> The workers has a contract that has no end-date

Temporary -> The worker has a short-term position and with a fixed end date 

Full time -> The individual works 5 days a week (or typically >35 hours) 

Part Time -> The individual does not work 100% of the weeksm for example if they work 3 days their pay would be 60%

Employed -> The individual is a member of staff which is paid by their employer 

Self-employed -> The individual is responsible for their own business and their income is paid to themselves 

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Key terms and meaning - 1

Place -> A geographical space shaped by individuals and communities over time 

Rural-Urban continuum -> The transition from sparsely populated remote rural areas to densely populated urban areas 

Processes -> The movement of people, capital, information and resources which can create wealthy or deprived places 

Regeneration -> The process of improving a place by making positive changes. Focuses on residential, retail or industrial. Means physical improvements to an area 

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Key terms and meaning -2

Rebranding -> Creating a new image or reputation for an area, the marketing of a place. Alters the feel and as the attitude people have towards a place, often relies on a areas industrial past or literary fame 

Reimaging -> Changing the image or name of a place 

Quaternary -> The highest levels of decision making in an economy - top business execs and officials in government, universities, media, science, etc. Mainly n the scinece and technology industries 

Postcode lottery - The uneven distribution of health and other services nationally, esopecially in mental health, care of the elderly and cancer diagnosis

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Key terms and meaning - 3

Glasgow efect - the unexplained poort health and low life expectancy of residents of Glasgow thought to be linked to deprivation 

Quality of life -> the level of socio-economic well being of individuals and communites. Measured by a various indicators including health, happiness, income, educational achievement and leisure time. Wider concept than standard of living which focuses on income 

Inequality -> Occurs in different forms e.g. social, economic and environmental. High inequality reduces potential for growth benefits do not always trickle down to those in need. Rengernation tries to change this. 

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Key terms and meaning - 4

Spatial inequality -> Differences across places at a range of scales, e.g neighbourhood, city, region, countries

Intergeneration cycle -> Poor health and educational achievement may be intergenerated they are passed on from parents to children 

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