A2 English L+L - Links between Stuart and Wuthering Heights

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Theme of Wealth -> Quotes from Stuart

'Through the pale Tesco stripes of his supermarket bag' -> Page 1

'discount economy bacon' -> Page 7

'But when I got out I needed money to drink' -> Page 129

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Theme of Status -> Quotes from Stuart

'With shock, we realised we now had something in common with the homeless. How dare the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Home Office' -> Page 17

'The biggest foe is 'the System'' -> Page 22

'I thought middle-class people had something wrong with them. But they're just ordinary.' -> Page 25

'That's where you're all wrong. The middle-upper class...  ... sniggering and laughing' -> Page 138

'In them days, the only employment women without qualifications could get  in the country around here was on the fields' -> Page 205

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Theme of Education -> Quotes from Stuart

'I have opined' -> Page 5 (Sophisticated language)

'ASK for NAME & ADReSS For AwarD organation' -> Page 10

'Stuart reels off the names of his medications like a classics scholar' -> Page 21

'Stuart's vowels often turn into diphthongs, as if he has pressed the sound out against the roof and walls of his mouth' -> Page 36

'Aged eight: 'Excellent progress', 'remarkable progress'' -> Page 200

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Links to Characters in WH -> Quotes from Stuart

There are 2 narrators (Alexander and Stuart) just like Wuthering Heights

'Also, a comfy chair. I drop into it. It is not comfortable at all.'      -> Page 8 (Alexander's misconception just like Lockwood)

''ALEXDER'. That's me.' -> Page 11 (Alexander translates just like Nelly)

'Pasty skin, green bomber jacket... ... sluice' -> Page 12 (Like description of Heathcliff)

'People sometimes ask me if I am ever frightened of Stuart' -> Page 55 (Heathcliff)

'When Stuart moved into this room... ... flapped among the debris' -> Page 79 (Thrushcross Grange)

'He was like the brother I never had' -> Page 80 (Siblings C+H)

Stuart loves his son whereas Heathcliff doesn't

Stuart is just as unpredictable as Heathcliff and Catherine -> 'happy and full of plans on Monday... ... in hospital, by Friday' (Page 10)

'What implements did you use?' -> Page 124 (Heathcliff hitting head against tree)

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Links to Characters in WH -> Quotes Continued...

'When he came out of prison the first time... ... plotted against post offices' -> Page 129 (Contrasts to Heathcliff)

'Head-butted the bloke' -> Page 130 (Violence = Heathcliff)

'Did you know Gypsies steal homeless people?' -> Page 131 (Similar to Heathcliff who is referred to as a gypsy)

'Stuart wheeled round, grabbed hold of her, and hurled her into the river' -> Page 183 (Catherine and Heathcliff = Violence + Love)

'So obviously he did care about me' -> Page 202 (Adoption/Stepfather)

'In Stuart's eyes, the whole of his life pivots on this incident' -> Page 226 (TP for Heathcliff when Catherine marries Edgar)

'we don't understand each other's use of 'good' and 'bad'' -> Page 237 (Lockwood has a misunderstanding with Nelly)

'One minute I'm nice as pie, and next minute I'm a rattlesnake' -> Page 256 (Catherine)

Happy ending in Stuart just like Wuthering Heights with Cathy and Hareton

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Theme of Upbringing/Abuse -> Quotes from Stuart

'The youngsters who have fallen out... ... third homeless category' -> Page 2

'penetrated him as prey' -> Page 254

'Gavvy had been touching him up since the age of nine or ten' -> Page 254

Whole of Chapter 23 for abuse (sexual)

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