A2 Geography case studies

Key points for seismic events case studies


Northridge, Los Angeles

-17 January 1994

-Movement along San Andreas fault


-57 deaths

-11 major roads damaged

-12,500 buildings damaged

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Indian Ocean Tsunami

-26 December 2004

-Tsunami caused by 9.0 submarine earthquake: Indo-Australian, Eurasian subduction

-Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand

-300,000 deaths

-No warning system

-Entire fishing villages lost

-Damage to tourism industry: many tourists dead

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Chaiten eruption, Chile

-May 2008

-Peru Chile subduction zone: subduction of Nazca plate below S.American

-Rhyolitic lava, very violent eruption

-4000 evacuated, 1 death


-Water contamination

-Volcanic management plan started

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Mt. Etna eruptions

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