A House Somewhere

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Chapter 1

From Wales

Bird imagery

different places= different ways of living


travel= enjoying differences


never completely settles in a new home

being away makes returning home more exciting and enjoyable

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Chapter 2

Teenagers= non existent

pleasure based culture - hedonistic



world tour

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Chapter 3

Places not living up to expectations-

New places being Alien with regards to language and scenery


Japan- Artifical with lots of replicas(refs to western culture)

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Chapter 4

English author

Much of life in Philippines- Now Austria

Moves to Tiwark Island and begins to build a house

Helps with local projects

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Chapter 5

English family move to France

Snowing- everything seems negative in Provence

Build an open aire house and buy a table

Snow prevents people from travelling

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Chapter 6

Exhausted on a night

time= crucial. Work needs to be finished in time for the wedding

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Chapter 7

Landlady- Grandmother


Mrs Puri expelled from her old house during 1947 partition

She owned houses all over Dehli


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Chapter 10

strange acoustics of the building

sounds at night- magnified

upstairs neighbour called Lucilla

Wakes people up at night as walks around in her heels  and moves furniture around

Likes to show off

Author- finds culture threatening due to pushy invitations

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