Acid base titration and calculations


Carrying out a titration

  • Put Burette in clamp 
  • Add the acid/alkali you wish to neutralize your acid/alkali with into the burette. Make a note of the volume CP- never fill above your head, when the tap is horizontal it is closed, put funnel on top, fill up to a cm from top of burette, use a drop in pipette to fill it up. 
  • Add the acid/alkali you wish to neutralize in a conical flask/beaker and then weigh it, add universal indicator. 
  • Place the beaker under the burette carefully 
  • Slowly open the tap and filter the acid/alkali into the acid/alkali in the beaker until it changes colour
  • Read off the burette and make a note of volume. 
  • Calculate Titre (volume used to neutralize the solution 
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Standard solution

  • Weigh the solid and add to a beaker 
  • Dissolve the solid in a solvent 
  • Transfer into volumetric flask 
  • Rinse out the beaker with the solvent 
  • transfer this into the volumetric flask 
  • Fill the volumetric flask to the graduation point with the solvent 
  • Invert the flask to ensue the solid isn't at the bottom of the flask 
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Titration tables

   Titration table: Make sure to include units, Two decimal places

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Titration calculations

Titration calculations

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