Advantages & Disadvantages of Parliamentary Law Making

advantages and disadvantages

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Advantages of Parliamentary Law Making

- Made by democratically elected MPs.

- Bill is thoroughly examined - should be no loop holes.

- Whole areas of law can be reformed at once.

- Consultation process allows laws to be effective as experts have contributed.

- Allows parliament to set policies.

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Disadvantages of Parliamentary Law Making

- Wording can be complex and formal.

- Don't understand what they can and can't do - don't know what the law is.

- Can lead to judges having to interpret laws.

- Time-consuming/lenghty.

- Governement decides timetable and what bills will be heard and passed - debates might be 'timed out' using the 'Gullotine' Rule.

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these are good for brief notes, but do not forget in the exam you have to also explain it

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