Aeneid Context

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Context - Virgil

. Virgil wanted to burn the Aeneid but Augustus Saved it

. Virgil loved country and it's people and tradition, aswell as human love between family and partners. These are shown in the Aeneid so it's not just a book written for Augustus

. The Aenied is a search for a vision of peace much like what Augustus has brung

. It praises Augustus ....

 1. By showing the storys of his great ancestors

 2. An illusion of him in prophecys and visions

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Context - Augustus and Family Values

. Augustus brings back Mos Majorum (ancient customs) as he look back for examples of correct morality

. Augustus had his own daughter Julia punished for adultery, her marriage to Tiberius was unhappy, he threatned her with death but sent her to an island prison

. His reforms did work as many females grew up morally. But men continued to loo for sexaul passion with women who weren't there wives.

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Context - Augustus and Family Values

In 18BC the senate passed the Leges Juliae (Julian laws) which banned ....

. Electoral Bribery

. Excessive Luxury

. Public Violence

. Treason

aswell as there being other laws on morals

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Context - Augustus and Family Values

Augustus also produced legislation through his honour a Tribune for life ....

. Encouraged mrriage, people who were single or marrried without children aged over 20   were penalised through tax

. Infanticide reamianed illegal (killing a child)

. Prostitution tax

. Homosexuality became a ounishable offence

. Adultery remained a crime but was not punishable by death as often. An adulterous and    lover could now be banished.

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Context - End of Civil War / Battle of Actium

. In 41BC Antonys brother attempted to take Octavians power to make peace Antony agrred that Ocatvian had control over Spain and Gaul. Ocatvian gave his half-sister Octavia in marriage to Antony.

. In 38BC Antony retrned to the east to Cleopatra, within a year Anotny had sent is pregnant wife Octavia back to rome and acknowledge publically that he had had twins with Cleopatra

. Romans looked on in disgust as Antony going against there morals and saw Octavia as a mistreated heroine.

. After defeating Pompeius Ocatvian emerged with an army greater then Antonys. Antony declared Caesarion, one on Cleopatras son's Julius Caesars legitamate son exceeding Ocatvian as an adopted son.

. Octavian declared war on Cleopatra, which put Antony in a postion of treason. In 31 BC Octavians commander Agrippa defeated Antony in a great sea battle. Antonly and Cleopatra feld back to Egypt, when Octavian arrived Antony commited suicide and Cleopatra sent herself as a goddess into the world of the deas

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