Aeneid XII 697-952

Set Text, Translation, Word Order and Literary Criticism for the set text.

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697-703 Set Text


at pater Aeneas audito nomine Turni

deserit et muros et summus deseret arces

praecipitatque moras omnis, opera omnia rumpit,

laetitia exsultans, horrendumque intonat armis;

quantus Athos aut quantus  Eryx aut ipse coruscis

c_u_m fremit ilicibus quantus gaudetque nivali

verice se attollens pater Appeninus ad aurus.

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697-703 Word Order

Word Order

at pater Aeneas audito nomine Turni

deserit et muros et deserit summas arces

praecipitatque omnis moras, rumpit omni opera

exsultans laetitia, horrendumque intonat armis

quantus Athos aut quantus Eryx aut quantus

pater Appenninus ipse c_u_m fremit ilicibus coruscis

gaudetque nivali vertice attollens se ad auras.

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697-703 Translation


But father Aeneas on hearing the name of Turnus

abandons both the walls and the highest citadels

and hurls headlong all delays, and breaks off all his works

rejoicing with joy, he thundered horribly with his weapons

just as great as Athos or as great as Mount Eryx or as great as father Appenninus himself

when he roars with glittering holm-oak trees and he rejoices with his snowy

summit raising himselft to the upper air

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