Types of Aid

Development Aid: Long Term aid. Aims to improve peoples standard of living/quality of life

Voluntary Aid: Charity Donations

Bilateral Aid: Government

Multilateral Aid: Internation agencies, eg the World Bank

Emergency Aid: helps people recover from natural disasters

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Problems with Aid


Not a long term solution

Donated goods put a strain on local businesses

Countries need to makw their own trade and be self sufficient

Aid can make the donor feel superior

Aid can sometimes be a 'loan' which can cause interest

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Regional Aid Programs:

European Regional Development Fund - improves investment and infrastructure

European Social Fund - finds education, training and offers jobs

Cohesion Fund - improves the environment, transport and renewable energy

CAP - fair living for farmers and ensure theres enough good

Urban II Fund - improves states and living conditions in troubled districts

These organisations aim to:

  •  create jobs,
  •  boost the economy,
  •  improve transport, environment
  • higher quality of life
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Small Scale Aid Project

Farm Africa

Promote natural sustainable resources for farming

Offer marketing and agricultural training

Set up farmer groups for support/tips/trade

Offers huge benefits to health and diet of local people

Provided goats to breed and milk, 3 litres each day

Farm Africa also founded the Tanzanian Goat Network

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Large Scale Aid Project

Cahora Bassa Dam

Buildn by Portuguese government in Mozambique in the 1960s. One of 3 major dams on the Zambezi River


  • Provides 1% of power in rural areas
  • Helps Mozambican government as they sell power to South Africa
  • Selling electricy to neighbouring countries boosts their economy
  • Mozambique is supplied with clean, safe drinking water


  • Lower valley has been drained which has ruined shrimp industry :(
  • Damage to habitats
  • Some families were forced to relocate
  • Effects downstream inhabitants
  • Most of the power is sold to other coutries
  • Exisiting dam is not running to full capacity
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