Alphabet Agencies

Alphabet agencies with a brief description of their work


AAA - Agricultural Adjustment Agency

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1st New Deal

Farmers paid to produce less, they could ask for more money for less goods.

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FCA - Farm Credit Administraion

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1st New Deal

Loans were given to farmers who couldn't meet their mortgage payments.

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HOLC - Home Owners Loan Corporation

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1st New Deal

The government loaned money at low interest to help with their mortgage.

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CCC - Civilian Conservation Corps

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1st New Deal

Unemployed men were given $1 a day planting trees, stocking rivers etc.

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FERA - Federal Emergency Relief Act

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1st New Deal

$500million given to governments to help the homeless, e.g. soup kitchens and blankets.

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NRA - National Recovery Act

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1st New Deal

Encouraged employers to pay a decent wage and limit their working hours.

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CWA - Civil Works Administration

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1st New Deal

Provided temporary work builing schools and hospitals.

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PWA - Public Works Administration

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1st New Deal

Gave $3300million to buy building materials and provide skilled jobs in building.

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TVA - Tennessee Valley Authority

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1st New Deal

To help people that lived there from flooding by providing electricity, etc.

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SSA - Social Security Act

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2nd New Deal

Government pensions were provided for the old, widowed and disables people. They also made payments available for the sick and unemployed.

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NLRA - National Labour Relations Act

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2nd New Deal

Workers could join trade unions to enable them to campaign for better pay and conditions. It was also seen as a replacement for the NRA.

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FSA - Farm Security Act

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2nd New Deal

Loans were leant to tenant farmers so they could buy their own land. They also set up camps for those who had lost their farms.

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SCA - Soil Conservation Agency

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2nd New Deal

Money was given to farmers who conserved and improved the soil on their farms. This was seen as a replacement for the AAA.

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