An Inspector Calls Themes


morality quotes

Inspector: "you might be said to have been jealous of her" (Act 1)

Sybil: "she called herself Mrs Birling [...] a piece of gross impertinence" (Act 2)

Eric: "I wasn't in love with her or anything" (Act 3)

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survival of the fittest quotes

Arthur: "a man has to make his own way" (Act 1)

Inspector (about Eva): "But she died in misery and agony - hating life" (Act 2)

Inspector: "all intertwined with our lives, with what we think and say and do" (Act 3)

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Social Responsibility quotes

Arthur: "like bees in a hive - community and all that nonsense" (Act 1)

Inspector: "it would do us all a bit of good if sometimes we tried to put ourselves in the place of these young women" (Act 1)

Inspector: "You must have known what she was feeling. And you slammed the door in her face" (Act 2)

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Personal Responsibility quotes

Inspector: "Remember" (Act 3)

Sybil: "He certainly didn't make me confess - as you call it" (Act 3)

Eric: " It's what happened to the girl and what weall did to her that matters" (Act 3)

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Inequality quotes

Arthur: ""we're in for a time odf steadily increasing prosperity" (Act 1)

Sheila: "these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people" (Act 1)

Gerald: "she was desperately hard up" (Act 2)

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Young and Old quotes

Arthur: "But you youngsters just remember what I said" (Act1)

Sheila (to Arthur): "Oh - sorry. I didn't know. Mummy sent me in to ask you" (Act 1)

Eric: "[shouting] And I say the girl's dead and we all helped to kill her - and that's what matters - " (Act 3)

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Time quotes

Inspector: "A chain of events" (Act 1)

Inspector (to Sybil): "you're going to spend the rest of your life regretting it" (Act 2)

Inspector: "I haven't much time" (Act 3)

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Love quotes

Gerald (about Eva): "She told me she'd been happier that she'd ever been before - but that she knew it couldn't last" (Act 2)

Eric (about Eva): "I wasn't in love with her or anything" (Act 3)

Gerald: "Everything's alright now, Sheila.[Holds up the ring.] What about this ring?" (Act 3)

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