Anaerobic Threshold

Small section about anaerobic threshold and how to test.

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What is it?

'Anaerobic threshold is the intensity of exercise at which the individual begins to increase the proportion of energy derived from anaerobic means, principally the lactic acid system'

Maximum output: - highest power output measure and provides info about strength and maximal sprint speed

Minimum output: - lowest power output achieved and helps calculate fatigue index

Average output: - athletes ability to maintain power over time and the higher the score the better

Fatigue Index:- lower the value the higher the ability for the athlete to maintain anaerobic performance

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Anaerobic Fatigue

Anaerobic Fatigue: - systems total capacity to produce ATP via immediate and short term energy systems

Blood lactate can also be taken

anything over 4mmol means no anaerobic system

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WANT test

Wingate test

RAST test

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