B4 - Homeostasis

B4- Homeostasis including:

. What homeostasis is

. What affects homeostasis

.Artificial homeostasis

. homeostasis in Cells

. Diffusion

. Osmosis


. Lock and key model

. Maintaining Constant Body Temprature

.Heat stroke

. Vasodilation and Vasocontriction


. Water Balance

. Urine concentration


What is homeostasis?

Homeostasis is the maintainance of a constant internal enviroment.

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What is homeostasis?

What is homeostasis?

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How is homeostasis achived?

It is achived by balancing bodily inputs and outputs and removing waste products. The body has automatic control systems in a place which ensure that the correct, steady levels of temprature and water are maintained.

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How is Homeostasis achived?

How is Homeostasis achived?

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Why is Temprature and water important for Homeosta

Temprature and water is essensial in order for cells to be able to function properly.

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Why is temprature and water important for homeosta

Why is temprature and water important for Homeostasis?

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What effects Homeostasis?

Exersise, hot climates, cold climates can effect Homeostasis.

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What effects Homeostasis?

What effects Homeostasis?

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