B4 Homeostasis

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What is homeostasis???

Homeostasis - Keeping a steady state in the body because conditions in your body the same for your cells to make chemical reactions in your body that is keeping you alive.

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What is a receptor ,an effector and a processing c

A receptor - The part of a control system in the body that detects changes in the system and passes information to the processing centre.

A porcessing centre - The part of a control system in the body that recieves information and processes information from the receptor and triggers actions by the effectors.

An effector - The part of a control system in the body that brings a change to the system.

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what is negative feedback ???

Any change in the system in result of an action to reverse it is called negative feedback.

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what is an enzyme and how do they work ???

Enzymes are catalyses that speed up chemical reactions in your body they are proteins large molecules that are made up of long chains of amino acids. The amino acid chains are different in each protein so each protein has its different shape.

Enzyes break up large molecules and join some smaller molecules together.The molecules must be able to fit into the enzyme whcih is it's active site its kind of like a key fitting into the right lock.

So scientists call the explanation of how enzymes work by the lock and key model.We need enymes to speed up chemical reactions in our body because if we didnt have enyzes the reactions wouldnt happen quick enough so we need ezymes to survive.

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