Before You Were Mine - Carol Ann Duffy

Breaking down each poem into bite sized chunks to jog your memory :)

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Before You Were Mine

Before you were mine is about a mother and daughter.

The first and second stanza show that the daughter is not born yet. It says 'I'm ten years away' and 'I'm not here yet'.

Where she says 'Marilyn', it reminds you of Marilyn Monroe and shows that she was very fashionable, and a good dancer.

'possessive yell' shows that the daughter was born. It could also show the end of the mum's happy social life as she was expected to be looking after her daughter now.

When it says 'ghost' it shows that the mum is now dead.

'Stamping Stars from the wrong pavement' shows now it is not so special, as she is teaching her children. It was better when her mum taught her. Perhaps it shows that she should be doing it somewhere else (Hollywood) and has the wrong shoes. The way it says 'stamping' emphasises the difference.

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