Behavioural Factors


Factors affecting health and well being

Obesity - Over the reccommended weight for your height and build. Main causes include overeating and not enough physical activity.

Most likely affected by heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and gall stones. Prevention - eat healthy and exercise.

Coronary Heart Disease - Small arteries that supply the heart with blood become blocked with fatty deposits and this means the arteries become narrow.

Main causes include lack of exercise, stress, smoking, high alcohol consumption, high blood pressure, being overweight.

Prevention - reduce intake of saturated fat, cut off visible fat on meat, buy low fat foods, 5 a day and eat fibre rich foods.

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Factors affecting health and well being (2)

Diabetes - Not enough insulin is being produced in the body and there are two different types of this illness. Type 1 - this occurs when there is no insulin and usually before the age of 40. the individual will have to use insulin injections, eat a balanced diet and exercise.

Type 2 - this occurs when there is not enough insulin and usually after the age of 40. it is linked to being overweight, so dieting and weight loss will help along with exercise

Prevention - eat a balanced diet and maintain an active lifestyle. It can be controlled by tablets and insulin injections.

Osteoporosis - this is when the bones become weak and brittle and its most common in older women.

Causes - not enough calcium and exercise, so it can be prevented by eating calcium rich foods and exercising.

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