Biochemical Tests


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Biochemical Tests

Benedict's Test

  • tests for reducing sugars (monosaccharides and some disaccharides)
  • tests for non reducing sugars - which have to be broken down to mono's first
  • add solution and heat
  • If sugar is present it will turn from blue to brick red.


Iodine Test

  • tests for starch
  • iodine must be dissolved in potassium iodine
  • if starch is present it will change from browny orange to blue-black

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Biuret Test

  • tests for proteins
  • originally blue - if protein is present a purple layer forms


Emulsion Test

  • test for lipids
  • shake with ethanol 
  • if lipid is present solution will turn milky white



  • measures the concentration of glucose
  • measures the strength of the colour by passing light through it
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