Biology AS (2) Biodiversity

Biodiversity unit


Conservation in situ

Conservation in situ- means attempting to minimise impact on the natural environment and protecting the natural environment.

Conservation parks

Ability to stop unacceptable activities by building conservation areas such as national parks and nature reserves. Land management on private land and fram sites can also br sued for conservation.

Principles for choosing reserve parks must include:

Comprehensiveness- how many species are presented in the area and what are the environemental conditions.

Adequacy- is the area large enough to provide for the long term survival of all species, populations and communities.

Representativeness- There are a full range of diversity within each species and of set of environmental conditions.

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Deciding to choose an area a a nature reserve has advantages:

plants and animals are conserved in their natural environement

permanently protects biodiversity and representative of ecosystems

protects the elements of ntaural and cultural heritage

Facilitates scientific research

possible to restore ecological goodness of the area.

A conservation park should nto however restrict human activity as indigineous people should be able to perform spiritual and religious activities and hunting.

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Conflict has been caused by the introduction of reserve parks without permission:

people hunting protected animals for food

Tourists feeding animals or leaving litter

Illegal harvesting

Conservation reserves in the UK

Bodies in UK work to conserve natural environment; landscape, biodiversity, geology and natural resources. Held by natural governing body such as:

Natural england which is protected by established status:

National parks, national nature reserves, sites of special scientific interest


where biodiversity is lost It is possible to rebuild it.

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Conservation Ex situ

Conservation Ex situ means: conserving an endangered species by activities that take place outside its normal environment.

Wildlife park play and important role in conservation by concentrating in the breeding of endangered species; increasing in the number of individuals. This enables repopulation by intoducing captive bred animals to the wild.

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