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£1 in aid = £9 in debt repayment.

Interest rates rise to make bigger debts.

In £5 billion debt = £161 per person per year - average wage per person per year.

Cost of school for a year £12.

3 times more spent on debt than education..

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Aid - Farm Africa

Non governmental organisation (charity).

Training and new skills.

Local people help to identify problems and solution (e.g. dairy goat programme)

3L from goats can be collected, only 1L from cattle.

Helps with - children's diets (health), milk to sell, source of milk, breeding programme so more families benefit, income helps with school fees.

Training children, both male and female, so they can teach their parents and their own children.

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An Educated Girl

The aid gives girls a chance to go to school. This helps them to get a higher paid job. Women will have funds to marry later in life and have less children, with funds to provide better care & education.

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Under 5 mortality - access to health care, clean water & nutrition.

Life expectancy - ability to get food & health care.

Percentage of infants with low birth rates - nutrition for baby.

Percentage of safe drinking water - less disease & infection.

Percentage of material mortality - health at birth, clean equipment & medical help supplied.

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Development aid - aid that tackles poverty and improves quality of life.

Emergency aid - aid given urgently after a natural disaster.

Non-governmental organisation - aid via a charity e.g. Oxfam.

Bilateral aid - aid from 1 government to another.

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