Characters in The Aeneid

Characters from Virgil's 'Aeneid', which books they appear in and key quotes.

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Turnus (1)

Turnus is the king of the Rutulians, and the potential suitor of Lavinia. He is initially favoured by both Latinus and Amata, but after Aeneas' arrival, Latinus promises Lavinia to Aeneas, leaving only Amata to fight for her daughter to marry Turnus.

He appears in books 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12

1. Book 6: The Sybil of Cumae prophesises Turnus' coming- 'the second Achilles is already born in Latium, and he too is the son of a goddess'

2. Book 7: We first meet Turnus in a deep sleep, showing his vulnerability

3. Book 7: Turnus is described as 'the handsomest of them all' and the bravest youth

4. Book 7: Allecto stirs up Turnus, rousing his fighting spirit to fight for Lavinia

5. Book 7: Turnus rouses the Rutulian army and rallies his allies, the youth of Argos, the Auruncans, the Sacani, the Sacrani, the Labici, and Camilla

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Turnus (2)

6. Book 9: Turnus charges into battle, attacking the ramparts when Aeneas' army are absent and is described as a 'wolf'

7. Book 9: He breaks into the Trojan camp, but accidentally traps his men in the ramparts, killing them

8. Book 10: Turnus kills Pallas by 'burying his sword to the hilt' in a merciless attack

9. Book 12: He chases the phantom Aeneas sent by Juno to take him away from battle, but feels shame and guilt at leaving

10. Book 12: Juturna, disguised as a charioteer, steers him away from the battlefield

11. Book 12: He is inflamed by Lavinia's blush, showing his love for her

12. Book 12: He is seen as young and naive; his 'cheeks were like a boy's', and is compared to a young 'stallion'

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Turnus (3)

13. Book 12: He feels guilty for running away from battle and turns back to face Aeneas

14. Book 12: He fights Aeneas and is favoured by the gods, as Juturna retrieves his sword

15. Book 12: Turnus begs for mercy and his life from Aeneas, but is killed when Aeneas sees Pallas' baldric slung over Turnus' shoulder

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Venus (1)

Venus is the goddess of love and is Aeneas' mother by his father, Anchises. She uses her influence and power to protect him throughout the book.

1. Book 1: Petitions Jupiter to help Aeneas in his mission to go to Hesperia

2. Book 1: Covers Aeneas in a mist to shroud him from the Carthaginians

3. Book 2: Disguises herself as a Spartan hunting girl to give Aeneas advice

4. Book 2: In the Trojan War flashback, she stops Aeneas killing Helen

5. Book 4: She disguises Cupid as Ascanius to make Dido fall in love with him and Aeneas and so protect them

6. Book 6: Sends a white dove down in Cumae to help Aeneas to find the golden bough, as instructed by the Sybil

7. Book 8: She seduces Vulcan to persuade him to make divine armour for Aeneas

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Venus (2)

8. Book 10: She and Juno argue about Aeneas and Turnus' fates

9. Book 12: She heals Aeneas' battle wound by giving him dittany for his leg

10. Book 12: She pulls Aeneas' sword out of the stump when it gets stuck while battling Turnus

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Evander is the king of Pallenteum, ruler of the Arcadians and the father of Pallas.

1. Book 8: He shows Aeneas around Pallenteum, which is poignant for a Roman audience, as it is the future site of Rome

2. Book 8: He teaches Aeneas that humility and being humble are important

3. Book 8: He entrusts his son, Pallas, to Aeneas to look after in battle

4. Book 11: Sends a message to Aeneas, telling him he must avenge Pallas' death by killing Turnus

5. Book 11: A scene of intense pathos in which Evander grieves for Pallas

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