Comparing Poems


Comparing Poems

Theme     Ideas     Attitudes and Tones     Structure and Form     Techniques

Poem 1

Poem 2

  • First column put the keyword from the question, this will be the focus of the answer.  
  • 2 or 3 quotations to put in each box
  • Notice why poetic devices have been used and suggest why. Think why the poet may have used them. How do they relate to the main idea/theme?
  • Start each paragraph with a topic sentence how is poem is related to your point: 
  • Both poems demonstrate. 
  • Although the first poem has a positive tone the second poem.. 
  • Each of the poems take a slightly different approach. 
  • The 2 poems contrast in. 
  • There is a similar description of.. in both poems. 
  • Examine words and think of wider connotations (image what is suggested by a word)
  • Look for similarites and differences 
  • Write a conclusion that brings your answer together. Mention your feelings and attitudes.
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