Conflict Poetry

A mere intuition for those revising CONFLICT POETRY ANTHOLOGY: GCSE LITERATURE.

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Conflict Poetry: Futility.


Futility merely divulges the views/purpose of war (from the title, we can discern what the views are: Futile means useless) which inevitably reinforces the poets view.

"Move him into the sun -" We can establish that the speaker is of a high rank, since hes commanding. "Him" suggest that there were many casualties. "-" the dash is a caesura, which gives a pause (a pause of movement).

A home, whispering of fields unsown.Always it woke him, even in France,  The speaker seems to know the injured (reinfroced by him helping his freind to revive) "Fields unsown" suggest that there are no seeds - empty (perhaps the emptiness injured person)

Think how it wakes the seeds, -  (Think is reinforced by the caesura)

 O what made fatuous sunbeams toil

To break earth's sleep at all?  This extracts insinuates: What is the point of life, if we put overselves in dangerous situations?

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Conflict Poetry: Mametz Wood

Mametz wood

 Mametz wood explores the groteqsue icident (WW1 SOMME FRANCE) Owen sheers states the uselessness of war.

"For years afterwards the farmers found them -" This suggests that they were left with out thought;however being found by farmers,almost adds respect. The caesura adds a pause, pause of relief/respect?

The poet doesn't create an impression of sorrow towards the soldiers "the wasted young" practically degrading them.

"A chit of bone, the china plate of a shoulder blade" Portrays their delicacy, "the china plate of a shoulder blade" is a metaphor, which emphasises their delicacy.

"In the boots that outlasted them" Owen sheers merely does not honour them, but degrades them. They died before boots (What do you think of that?)

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Conflict Poetry: Bayonet Charge

Baynoet charge

Ted Hughes explains and examines an experience of an individual. The individual, perhaps conveys all soldiers?

"Suddenly he awoke and was running - raw" suggest that the soldier unanticipated the charge, reinforced by "raw" "suddenly" and "awoke". Gives us an impression that the soldier is confounded.

"bullets smacking the belly out of the air" violent imagery, however "smacking" doesn't give it power.

The poem is based on a soldier making difficult decisions in a battle situation during a war. Hughes contructs the poem with interesting varities of imagery which create vivid pictures. His word choice also describe how the soldier is feeling in each stanza.

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