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Key Words for Counterurbanisation

...the movement of people and business from the city to the rural area

Commuting Range:- the distance people are prepared to travel from home to the city in order to wrk

Green Belt:- a band around an urban area where there are strict controls on development

Gentrification - people move into rural areas and invest and upgrade/convert these buildings

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Pull and Push Factors


  • Air and Noise pollution
  • crime
  • congestion
  • unemployment
  • fast pace
  • expensive
  • carmped


  • Quieter
  • Cleaner/Greener
  • Cheaper land/ increased wealth
  • car ownership/ transport links
  • technology
  • opportunity to invest/renovate
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Impacts of Counterurbanisation

Migrants sell expensive city propoerties and earn higher city wages which pushes up house prices in rural areas, so the area is less affordable for locals/young people

New residents own 2 or more cars and use them for all journeys, so public transport declines, leaving residents (elderly) without a form or transport -> traffic congestino increases and is exacerbated by the narrow country roads and large, slow moving farm vehicles

New residents tend to shop in large supermarkets further afield and have different retail/leisure requirements. Shops and services change to meet this and local services may close down

most migrants are middle aged/pension age so less children cause schools to close

migrants want space to expand their homes so farmland is converted -> threatens biodiversity

developers realise demand so cottages/farms are converted -> expensive and changes the rural environment

businesses recognise new residents are skilled and educated so create jobs to take advantage of the changes

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