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General Terms

Purpose- the reason a text is produced 

Mode- medium of communication e.g. poetry, prose, monologue, conversation, drama

Genre- the type or catergory of text e.g. comedy, horror, tragedy

Multitudinal text- texts that combine word, image, and sound to produce meaning

Context or reception- the situations in which a text is read and factors thatg might influence a reader's interpretation

Demographic- another word for target audience

Hybrid text- a text with more than one purpose

Idiolect- an individual's style of speaking

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General Terms

Sociolect- a use of language as a result or membership to a particular social group

Dialect- the language variety of a geographical region or social background

Accent- the way that words are pronounced due to geographical region

Standard English- universally accepted dialect of English carrying a degree of prestige

Register- level of formality appropriate to the text's purpose and context 

Jargon- specialist terminology that may exclude others

Colloquilism- established set of terms used in everyday language 

Slang- collolquial langauage particular to individuals or groups

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General Terms

Intertextuality- references to other texts within another e.g. in 'Naughty But Nice' and 'Titus'

Pejoration- to reduce a word to a lower/ less respectable meaning e.g. *****

Borrowing- the process by which a word is absorbed into another language e.g. cuisine 

Blending- a word made by putting together parts of other words e.g. brunch 

Compounding- joining together two words e.g. loudspeaker

Etymology- the origins of a word

Personification- giving human characteristics to a non-human object

Hyperbole- exaggeration

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General Terms

Rhetorical question- a question that does not require an answer

Anthropomorphism- giving an animal human like characteristics 

Litotes- an example of where something has been reduced to less than its value

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