Development, Aid

This is the development topic on paper 2 of the AQA Geography course. This set mainly focuses on aid.

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  • Aid
    • The transfer of money, goods and expertise from one country to another either free or at a low cost
  • Charitable aid
    • Help given free by charities such as Oxfam
  • Long-term aid
    • Help with the aim of development in the future
  • Short-term aid
    • Help given during or shortly after a natural disaster, such as food or medicine
  • Tied aid
    • The country recieving the aid has to use the money given to buy goods and services from the country supplying aid
  • Political aid
    • Government help usually given in the form of services or goods
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Bilateral aid

  • Two-sided aid
  • Usually arranged beween governments, which makes it political aid
  • Its often paid in goods rather than money, so that the aid is TIED to what ever the donor country gives
  • Advantage:
    • Provides major projects, e.g Dams and power station
  • Disadvantage
    • little value to most ordinary people
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Multilateral aid

  • Money gievn to international agencies (e.g. United Nations)
  • They spend the money on health, education and projects
  • Advantage:
    • Much help to children
    • Helps ordinary people and villages
  • Disadvantages
    • They can be sometimes slow to respond to local needs
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Non-governmental aid

  • Mainly charities such as Oxfam
  • Depend on donations
  • The aid isnt usually tied
  • Advantages
    • More likely to target local needs and local people
    • Runs community based projects
  • Disadvantages
    • They sometimes have to spend a lot of money on relief aid
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