Divine Intervention in The Aeneid (Books 1-6)


Book One - Storm and Banquet - Card 1

1) Conflict arises from Juno's insecurity and furor: she is the one who instigates the storm that allows Aeneas to land on Carthage - does she cause his fate? - "burning heart"

2) Aeolus just does what he is told. Manipulated by Juno but causes Aeneas pain. "Lawful wedlock" with a Nymph.

3) Neptune's control over the Storm. Alien forces coming into his domain. Speaks to his winds/seas just as Augustus talks to the plebs in Rome. "That is my responsibility, given to me by lot" - Just as he split Rome with Mark Anthony and Lepidus

4) Venus talks to Jupiter - reminds both him and the audience of his fate. "O great King, what end do you set to their labours?" "You can be sure that the destiny of your descendants remains unchanged" - Aeneas cannot die. Fate is certain. He will be safe

5) Venus goes to them as a Spartan Girl. Tells them that the Trojan Fleet has returned. A parental relationship, she walks away when he tries to talk to her - "Why am I never allowed to take your hand in mine?"

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Book One - Storm and Banquet - Card 2

6) Venus gives them a mist. Protects them and allows them to get a jist of Carthage and be assured of safety (e.g Cultivation and Juno's Temple)

7) Venus blesses Aeneas with the "head and shoulders of a god" allowing Dido to become attracted at the first sight of Aeneas, as she is "amazed"

8) Venus uses familial ties to get Cupid to comply to her wishes. He sits on the knee of Dido, posed as Illius, as she falls in love during Aeneas' story. "Dandled him on her knee, without knowing what aa great god was sittin there marking her out to suffer"

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Book Two - The Fall of Troy

1) "Divine Skill of Athene" allows the Greeks to build the Trojan Horse - ultimately leads to the demise of Troy. Link to the Great Beauty Contest

2) Supernatural Occurence of Hector in Aeneas' Dream - More concerned about founding Rome than his own burial. Allows Aeneas to understand and comprehend what is happening.

3) Despite never seeing her true form, Venus appears in a vision in her true divine form telling him not to act on his furor and kill Helen - arguably the cause of the Trojan War. Tells him to find Anchises, Illius and Creusa. Emphasis on the Oikos. "Why this raging passion?"

4) "It is Jupiter himself, who is rousing the Gods against the army of Troy" - The King of the Gods favoures the Greek allies so it shows that they are trying to fight a losing battle. However, Troy is described as 'Neptune's Troy"

5) Creusa's Ghost - comes back and tell him for a third time to leave Troy! More on an impact when it's his recently dead wife. Allows him to marry Lavinia and fufil his destiny - "wipe away your tears you are shedding"

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Book Four - Dido - Card One

1) Dido is now suffering from "love's deadly wound" due to Cupid sitting on her knee. Love is equated with violence as if he's shot her with cupid's arrow.

2) Juno becomes worried about Dido and Venus has Aeneas best interest at heart - she is not worried because she has faith in Jupiter's fate upon Aeneas. They discuss and instigate Dido's marriage to Aeneas. "Venus realised this was all pretence in order to divert the empire of Italy" "I shall join them in a lasting marriage and make her his"

3) Juno is the one to cause the rain that makes them go into the cave to get married

4) Rumour allows for the citizens of Carthage (Iarbas, a former suitor of Dido) to find out and blame Aeneas and Dido for the lack of cultivation to Jupiter which allows for Jupiter to send down Mercury.

5) Jupiter tells Venus not to explicitly medel earlier in the narrative, but does it with Mercury! Importance of his message. "He must sail"

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Book Four - Dido - Card Two

6) Mercury tells Aeneas to set sail in a dream. He tells him of Dido's death but he magically forgets. "Have you forgotten your own destiny and your own kingdom" - the importance of founding Rome.

7) Juno takes pity upon Dido and her death. To do with Carthage being her favourite. "Took pity on her long anguish and difficult death" - "Now I free you from your body" - Stops both Dido and Anna's pain.

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Book Five - The Funeral Games

1) Juno sends Iris to cause mischief - leads to the destructive of the Trojan fleet but the Trojan Women! Leads Aeneas to question whether he should follow his destiny. "Set fire to the accursed ships and destroy them"

2) Aeneas doesn't know what to do - he prays to Jupiter to stop the burning of the ships. Saves all but four, alas, enabling them to discover their fatherland. Questions his own authority "bitter blow"

3) Venus to Neptune. "It is her cruelty that burned out their ships" - Even Venus realises that it is by supernatural means. Neptune gives her solace that due to his destiny, Aeneas will be safe. He is only safe with the divine intervention of the Gods! "He will arrive safely wherever you wish!

4) He wants a sacrifice in return - Palinirus is the pawn in the game.

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