Dracula summary of chapters part 2


Chapter 17 (XVII)

  • Mina is visting Helsing
  • Helsing gives Seward copy of Harkers diary to read
  • Seward met Mina, they went to the asylum
  • They disscus about his phonograph
  • Mina offers to type the contents of it up, but Seward worrys over what she will hear
  • She types up the first half which Seward didnt realise had events of what happened
  • They promise eachother not to hold secrets but trust eachother
  • Mina listeneds to the phonograph of Lucys death told by Seward
  • Harker arrived in morning, Seward copliments his charcter pg 239
  • Mina and Harker type and work together
  • Seward realises the house next to him is Dracs house
  • Connects dots between Drac and Renfields escapes to the chapel
  • Harker investigates the cargo from the Demeter
  • All papers connected the delivery to Carfax
  • All boxes from Varna in the Demeter arrives in the chapel at Carfax
  • Mina thinks the investigation has done Harker good
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Chapter 17 (XVII) part 2

  • Mina met Quincy and Arthur
  • She told them she knew everything and gave them copys of the papers
  • Arthur becomes emotional pg 244
  • Mina and Quincy comfort him
  • Mina explained her and Lucy were like sisters and she wishes to be a sister to him now
  • PG 245: important, highlights Arthur emotional, Mina caring, motherly etc
  • Mina and Arthur bond over Lucys death, both promise to be like brother and sister to each other
  • Mina befriends Quincy
  • He kisses her hand and she kissed him
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Chapter 18 (XVIII)

  • Seward for the first time since living in it felt like is house was home- possibly beacuse of Mina being motherly?
  • Mina asked to see Renfield, Seward agreed
  • Renfield tidyed up: ate the flys and spiders then sat on his bed
  • Renfield knew about Lucys death and that Seward wanted to marry someone.
  • Renfield started talking elemental philosophy
  • He talked about his belief that eating living things would prolong life, For "blood is life"
  • Helsing compliments Minas "man brain" pg 250
  • They all met in Sewards study for some sort of bored or comittee.
  • Helsing sat at the head of the table and asked Mina to  be secretary
  • Helsing describes qualitys of Vampires and talks about Dracula, saying he is cunning and strong and he can shape shift, control animals etc pg 252
  • They all agreed to help Helsing, holding hands making a solemn compact
  • Helsing talks about history of vampires in different countries
  • Then about Vampire strenghths: he had to drink blood to flourish,can transform into a wolf, he can see in the dark
  • Weaknesses: Garlic, branch of wild rose keeps him in his coffin, sacred bullet will kill him as will stake or if cut his head off
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Chapter 18 (XVIII) part 2

  • The Draculas were "a great and noble race"
  • Helsing mentions of Dracuclas origin and family history
  • Interuppted by sound of a pistol shot, window shattered, Mina shrieked,the men all jumped up
  • Morris apolagised and explained a big bat sat on the window sill, he thinks he missed it
  • Helsing continued that they wil either capture or kill Drac in his lair, steralise the ground and find him at his weakest: between noon and sunset
  • Helsing says Mina is no longer apart of it as its mens business,
  • Mina disliked it "bitter pill to swallow" but accepted it saying it was "chivalrous"
  • Morris said for them to look in Dracs house now
  • Mina was worried but scared to say anything should she become hinderouse they could leave her out of the council all together
  • Just as they were leaving Renfiled demanded to see Seward
  • They all went to see him. Renfield requested to be realised to go home. He asks Sewards friends to judge the choice. Sewad introduces them and Renfield shakes their hands
  • He knew bits about them all, Seward said he will talk about it in the morning
  • Helsing asked why he really wanted to be let out right now.
  • When Seward said no again, he became frantic and supplicated to him on his knees, begs to be let out. Seward told him to stop and they left with Renfields warning.
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Chapter 19 (XIX)

  • Harker journal: Glad that Mina is no longer involved,mens business, feel relief
  • Helsing gave the men a cricefic, wreath of garlic, knife and a revolver and electric lamps, sacred wafer
  • Hesling entered and spoke Latin
  • They all walked nervouly, looking over their shoulders
  • Description of dirty house filled with dust
  • They asked Harker to lead the way as he knows the floor maps to the chapel
  • There was a horrid odeour, like blood or miasma
  • Only 29 out of 50 boxes were left
  • Arther thought he saw a face, as did Harker but were mistaken
  • Harker investigated but found nothing
  • The place became rat infested, Seward blew a whistle and dogs came from the asylum
  • The dogs stopped and howled , Arthur carried a dog in there and he got to work chasing them 
  • Men returned, Harker checked on Mina, she seemed paler then normal
  • Harker tells himself that he wont tell Mina what happened
  • Morning: Helsing intrigued by Renfield, wants to see him
  • Helsing visited Renfield but only got insults from him
  • Seward and Helsing say how glad they are that Mina is no longer involved- sexist pg273
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Chapter 19 (XIX) part 2

  • Mina: Dosnt like Harker keeping things from her, becomes emotional
  • She cant remeber how she went to sleep last night; recollected the events of Renifield being distressed, then the window was opened, lots of fog, she could see two red lights outside, cold and the lamp was blown out
  • She thinks she imagened a white face leaning over her
  • She slept fine the next night but felt weak and spiritless in the morning
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Chapter 20 (**)

  • Harker: Investigated more about the boxes, thinks Drac is in two parts of London
  • Goes back, Mina is sleeping, looks pale and as if shes been crying- he puts it down toher worrying as shes left in the dark
  • Next day he investigated more about the boxes, found that a man delivered the other half to a house in Piccadilly, near a white church
  • Described interaction with someone that looked like count
  • Harker travelled to that house asked around about it, someone told him to visit the estate agent
  • So he went to see Mitchell, Sons & Candy, he argued with the man as he wouldnt say anything, then concinved him to instead send the info about who owned the house to Lord Godalming aka Arthur
  • Mina was more affectionate to Harker
  • Harker told them what he found, they cant break into a house in Piccadilly
  • Renfield was in an interlectual mood, having discussion about god, soul with Seward
  • Renfiled wont mention "drinking", "fears the though of being burdened with the soul of anything, has no dread of wanting life in the future"
  • Seward thinks that Renfield is assured that he will aquire some high form of life
  • Seward thinks Count has been to see Renfield
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Chapter 20 (**) part 2

  • Seward tells Helsing, Helsing wants to see Renfield, he refused to speak, began collecting flys again
  • Letter to Arthur from Piccadilly house agents: the purchaser is foreign nobleman, Count De Ville
  • Seward diary: He put a watch man by Renfields room, he heard nothing but prayers- he fell asleep though
  • In the day, an attendant called for Seward as Renfield had an accident
  • H e was lying on his face on the floor, covered in blood
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Chapter 21 (XXI)

  • Seward: Examined Renfield: bruises on his face, pool of blood next to him, recived some "terrible injuries", the face wounds caused the pool of blood, the attendant thinks Renfields back is broken, "right arm and leg and the whole side of his face are paralysed."
  • Attendant cant figure out how he has both injuried, either can occur from renfield himself, but its impossible that Renfield wounded is face whilst his back was broke vic versa
  • Called for Helsing
  • Helsing said it was an accident in front of attendant
  • Attendant left, Helsing examined: real injury was from a "depressed fracture of the skull extending right up through the motor area"
  • Helsing decided he needs to perform "trephine"
  • Quincy and Arthur now in the room
  • They waited to "fix the best spot for trephining, to remove the blood clot as the haemorhage is increasing"
  • They all sat and waited for Renfield to say what happened, but he kept gasping, tension and suspense rised (incrementum)
  • Hesling performed the operation
  • Renfielf woke up, saying he had a stange dream, fainted when thinking about it, fetched Brandy
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Chapter 21 (XXI) part 2

  • Renfield revealed it wasn't a dream
  • He started with saying he will return to death soon, and began saying what happened:
  • He saw Dracula by the window laughing, Drac sent the flys,moths then whispered "rats. rats, rats." Renfiled approached Drac closer,Drac raised his hands and called out without using words, a "dark mass spread over the grass, coming on like the shape of a flame of fire."
  • He moved the mistleft and right and Renfield saw thousands of rats- their eyes blazing red. Drac held his hand up and they stopped
  • Drac said: "All these lives will i give you ay, and many more and greater, through countless ages, if you wil fall down and worship me!"
  • Renfield said that a red cloud came over his eyes and he invited Drac into his cell saying "come in Lord and Master"
  • Renfield said Drac visited him the next night, but he was angry at Drac and though that Mina was there, explained that when he saw Mina that afternoon she was pale
  • Next night Renfield decided to fight Drac, he lost
  • They all went to Mina and Harkers room, found Harker by the window, dazed and unresponsive
  • Dracula was drinking Minas blood
  • The men presented their crucefixes, holey wafer, Drac cowered further and further away
  • Drac dissappeared in a vapour
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Chapter 21 (XXI) part 3

  • They went by Mina who screamed
  • Description of Mina bleeding etc pg 301
  • Mina wailed
  • Arthur ran out room, Helsing drew her coverlet over her body
  • Helsing woke Harker from his stupor, Mina cried, Helding drew back curtains and saw Quincy running across lawn hiding himself in shadow of a tree
  • Harker became erratic, worried about Mina because of the blood, demanded Helsing help her whilst he find Drac
  • Mina grabbed Harker and told him to say, she burried her head in him but then saw her lips left blood marks on him, wailed even more saying its unclean and she cant touch him no more
  • Helsing calmed her down
  • Arthur and Qunicy retuned saying that all the papers, manuscripts had been burnt
  • They agreed no more secrets and spoke in front of Mina
  • Theres a spair manuscript in the safe
  • Renfield is dead
  • Mina began to say what happened, Harker groaned sadly, she comforted him even though she went through the ordeal
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Chapter 21 (XXI) part 4

  • Mina recalled what happened: Dracula formed a figure from the mist, Harker wouldnt wake,she felt paralysed, Drac warned her to be quiet else he would kill Harker, Dracula drank from her
  • Harker groaned again, she looked at him "pityingly as if he was the injured one"
  • she felt her strenghth fading away
  • Drac gave a speech, saying Mina will soon be his "companion and helper" and when he says "come" she will cross "land and sea" for him
  • Drac self inflicted a wound on his chest, Mina drunk his blood
  • She gets upset, asks God to fogive her etc
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Chapter 22 (XXII)

  • Harker: mention of God
  • When Seward and Hesling returned they said Renfield was lying in a "heap" on the floor, his face was "bruised and crushed in" and "the bones of the neck were broken"
  • It was said there will be no more "concealment" from Mina
  • Helsing lays the plan to hunt the boxes and steralise them during the day, whilst Drac is weak
  • They plan to change the locks of the Piccadilly house at 10am, so it wont seem suspicouse
  • Mina was pale and thin, Harker worried she will turn out like Lucy
  • Harker, Helsing and Seward would stay at piccadilly house whilst Arthur and Quincy went to destroy the counts lairs in Walworth and Mile End
  • Before leaving for their missions, Helsing tried to bless Mina, so shes protected, he places the wafer on her forehead and it burned her flesh
  • She cried and said "unclean unclean... I must bear thus mark of shame upon my forehead untill the Judgement Day"- like the mark of Cane in bible
  • They all unscrewed the boxes in Carfax and steralised the earth with sacred wafers
  • Arthur suggests that Harker dosnt go with them and the locksmith as he is a soliciter and theyre breaking into a house
  • They succesfuly got into the house and steralised the boxed but one was missing
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Chapter 23 (XXIII)

  • Seward: whilst in the Piccadilly house they recived a teleagram: warning from Mina that Drac came from Carfax and hurried to the south and may be looking for them
  • Quincy and Arthur returned having "destroyed 12 boxes"
  • They all hid ready attack the count who had just entered the house
  • Harker attacked Drac with a knife, but missed and only cut his cloak
  • From the cut of the cloak a "bundle of bank noted and a stream of Gold" fell out
  • Seward then presented the cruecefix and wafer, Drac cowered back
  • He grabbed some of the coins and then crashed through the window
  • Drac spoke of his revenge to them, saying the women they love are his
  • They returned to Mina
  • They all cried at Minas speech
  • They organise a watch scheduale between them
  • Harker diary: Mina wants Helsing to hypnotize her, whilst hypnotised she mentioned a ship
  • They think the last box of earth is on the ship
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Chapter 24 (XXIV)

  • Sewards phonoghraph diary spoken by Helsing: To Harker:
  • tells Harker to stay with Mina, Dracula has gone back to Transylvania
  • They are going to find the ship
  • Mina journal: Recorded the events: Dracula and what ship he had gotten on with the last box.
  • Dracula was at sea with "fog at his command"
  • Helsing makes a passionate speech as to why they must hunt Dracula
  • Seward: the red mark on Minas forehead serves as a reminder of the horrors
  • Helsing and Seward talk privately saying Mina is changing like Lucy
  • They decide to not allow Mina in the council as Dracula could use her for information 
  • But before the meeting Mina said she wont go so the men can talk freely
  • They plan to leave by the 17th so they get to Transylvania a day before the ship
  • Quincy wants winchesters so they're armed against wolves
  • Hesling says Harker must stay to care for Mina
  • Harker journal: Mina makes him promise not to tell her of the plans against the Count whilst she has the mark on her head
  • Mina tells Helsing that she and them will be safer is she comes on the jouney
  • She says they can hypnotise her again on the journey
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Chapter 24 (XXIV) Part 2

  • The plan: board the ship, place a branch of wild rose in the box
  • Quincy then says he wont wait but instead open the box and destroy the "moster" thats in it
  • Harker makes up his will and if Mina survives she will be his "sole heir"
  • If not then the "other" aka rest of the group shall have the remainders
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Chapter 25 (XXV)

  • Seward: Mina talks to the men about her soul, her changing etc
  • She makes them promise to kill her when the time comes when she is changed
  • Quincy was the first to agree, then Helsing, Arthur
  • Harker asks if he too must promise, Mina says yes
  • She also requested that Harker reads the Burial Service when the time comes
  • Harker is in dispair
  • Harker diary: 15th October they began travelling, Helsing hypnotised Mina to see that Drac was still out at sea
  • They planned that if count was in the box, Helsing and Seward would cut his head off and drive a stake through his heart.
  • If they kill him, his body will fall into dust
  • Seward: him and Helsing spoke that as long as Minas teeth didn't sharpen, it would be ok
  • Telegram that teh Czarina Catherine is entering Galatz at one o'clock today
  • Helsing thinks Dracula was tricking them with what Mina was saying in the hypnosis
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Chapter 26 (XXVI)

  • Seward: they hypnotise Mina again, Dracula is out of the box but still on the ship, 
  • And again: she said she heard wolves and the waves of the sea
  • Mina journal: they have gotten a hotel rooms
  • Spoke to someone who had been on the ship, said the Romanians wanted to chuck the box overborard as they were supersticouse
  • A man called Immanuel Hildesheim had papers and took the box on behalf of Dracula
  • Minas Memorandum entered in her journal:
  • documented Dracs struggle to get to his castle, theyve lost the box but know its somewhere on water
  • Seward is to go with Qunicy
  • Helsing says that: Harker,Arthur will go in a steam boat, Seward will go with Quincy to guard the bank, he will take Mina and find there way to Castle Dracula
  • Harker disagrees with taking Mina to the castle- has an outburst
  • Mina is armed with a revolver like the men
  • Harker journal: records his and Arthurs jouney on the steam boat
  • Mina journal: Helsing hasnt been able to hypnotise her very well, she records the jouney and how it would be beautiful experiance under differante circumstances
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Chapter 27 (XXVII)

  • Mina journal: records her travels with Helsing
  • Memorandum by Helsing: to Seward: says how Mina is always sleeping, hasnt wrote in her diary, she acts strangely and he can't hypnotise her anymore
  • Mina then started to say she had no hunger, didn't eat
  • Then one night the three female vampires that Harker had seen came to Helsing and Mina, they called for Mina
  • Helsing thought there was still hope as Mina looked repulsed and scared by them
  • Helsing presented the wafer and as long as he and Mina stayed within the holey circle the women wouldn't get to them
  • The horsed had died
  • Sunrise came and the women disappeared
  • Whilst Mina slept in the holey circule he went to the Castle and to the chapel
  • He heard wolves from afar, but decided he would stay at the castle as it was up to "Gods will" as to what happend with Mina
  • He found the female vampires in their graves
  • was a tad distracted by their beauty etc
  • Then he saw one more tomb with the name Dracula on it....
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Chapter 27 (XXVII) Part 2

  • Helsing placed a holey wafer in Dracs empty tomb
  • He killed the three female vampires and left to get Mina
  • Mina said she "knows" her husband is coming for us, so they left to meet them
  • Mina journal: they rested but then saw a wagon near by with Dracula in his box
  • It was nearly sunset
  • They then saw Quincy, Seward, Arthur and Harker not far behind
  • The group told the gypsies to stop and pointed their guns at them, then Mina and Helsing came out and did the same
  • The two partys fought and Harker got on the cart and threw the box to the ground
  • Harker was cut in the side
  • They took the top of the box off
  • The gypsies gave in as they were cornered with riffels
  • The sun had began to set
  • Harker slit Dracs throat and Quincy staked him
  • Draculas body turned to dust
  • The gypsies left along with the wolves
  • Quincy fell to the ground, spoke that it was all worth it as the curse on Mina had passes
  • But then he died --- :(((( 
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