Earthquake Case Study Revision Cards

Case study revision cards for A2 earthquakes- mostly human and some physical aspects as well

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L'Aquilla 2009- Nature (MEDC)

  • 6.8 on Richter Scale.
  • Focus 6 miles deep.
  • 60 miles from Rome.
  • African plate subducting under Eurasian plate.
  • Aftershock continued for 2-3 days prior.


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L'Aquilla 2009- Impacts (MEDC)

  • £16bn total cost.
  • 300 people dead.
  • 65,000 made homeless due to poor medieval build quality.
  • 88,000 unemployed.


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L'Aquilla 2009- Management (MEDC)

  • Italian government gave €30,000 in hardship grants to families totaling €2.4bn.
  • At first they refused international aid. 
  • Took emergency services a long time to get there as it's so remote.
  • Recieved aid from EU as well as from national companies.

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Haiti 2010- Nature (LEDC)

  • Shock lasted less than one minute
  • Formed on a strike-slip plate boundary.
  • Epicentre is 15miles from capital.
  • Magnitude 7 on Richter scale.
  • Homes built on soft river sediment meant amplification occured.

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Haiti 2010- Impacts (LEDC)

  • Est. 200,000 dead.
  • Capital City Port au Prince left as rubbel
  • Search & rescue limited to 24-48hrs
  • 1.5million homeless.

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Haiti 2010- Management (LEDC)

  • Buildings were quickly rebuild using concrete and steel to allow quick and cheap protection form hurricanes which arrive annually unlike earthquakes.
  • Building investigations carried out to understand unsaved structures.

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Earthquake Storm- Turkey

  • North Antolian Fault, Turkey
  • One earthquake triggers a series of other earthquakes.
  • This is due to stress transfers along the same or a nearby fault.
  • This can happen over an extended period of time.


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  • On the San-Andreas fault zone.
  • A magnitude 6 earthquake every 20-30years with a grater frequency of smaller events.
  • Localised variations due to rock type, fluidity, etc...
  • SAFOD: (San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth) Located at Parkfield, the most monitored place on Earth, going 3km deep- it brings rocks to the surface to analyse them and see if stresses are in the rocks.
  • Instruments it has are: A crrepmeter, 8 water wells, Electronic Distance mesures, geodlite and much more. 
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Los Angeles- Blind Thrust Faults

  • Underground Faults that dont break the surface.
  • Inclined downwards at a steep angle.
  • This occured in the 1994 Northridge earthquake- A 6.4 magnitude earthquake, epicentre 32km from downtown L.A. in San Francisco Valley. Caused 51deaths and 9,000 serious injuries.
  • In L.A. the fault sharply bends West so crust is compressed to the North of ridge. There are a number of these E/W faults- one of these caused to Northridge earthquake.

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Mercalli Scale


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Six Phases of Earthquake Activity

1. Friction

2. Stick

3. Deformation

4. Slip

5. Seismic wave

6. Surface Rupture

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