HYBRID SYSTEM (AMS) combines plurality/majoritarian with proportional. Remainder elected by proportional representation in multi-member. Most important task of electoral system= clear winner, strong govt and link between MPs and constituencies. Majoritarian and plurality does this. Some think it should reflect diversity of opinion in electorate. PR does this. 

Proportional representation

District magnitude (number of reps from a constituency) is important because the larger constituency, more reps are representative. European Election uses regional list system. Multi member constituencies. Some (single transferable vote) allow as many votes as voters want for candidates in order of preference but regional list only allows 1 vote.

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Four main types of electoral system:

·       Majoritarian (like AV)

·       Plurality (like simple plurality)

·       Proportional (like the list system)

·       Mixed or hybrid (the additional member system)

MAJORITARIAN system is where candidate must secure absolute majority of vote. Candidates elected in single member constituencies (50%+). FPTP used for UK general elections. It is referred to as majoritarian system HOWEVER; loose interpretation because UK requires a simple plurality of votes. Non-proportional.

Plurality system

FPTP= simple plurality. MPs elected in single member constituencies. Non-proportional. Big parties GET more seats than vote deserves. Small parties ARE thinly represented.

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