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Main Focus for the Reading Paper

Elicit explicit information from the text

Infer implicit meaning of a text

Show an awareness of how language is used by the writer to convey different effects

Compare and contrast two non fiction texts




The retrieval based questions in which you just have to find and record exploit information

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"How" Questions

Use "A-F-O-R-E-S-T"



Opinions disguised as facts

Rhetorical questions/repetition

Emotive language/exaggeration


Triples (the rule of three)

**DON'T FORGET TO PEE!** (Point-Evidence-Explain)

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"How" Questions - continued

As well as "A-F-O-R-E-S-T", try and also consider the following:






Powerful Vocabulary choices

Imperative verbs

**DON'T FORGET TO PEE!** (Point-Evidence-Explain)

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"WHAT" Questions

These type of questions need you to show awareness of the writers explicit feelings and thoughts (the obvious one) and the thoughts and feelings that are implied (the not-so-obvious ones)

Focus on the following: what the writer says - facts/opinions, vocabulary choices, tone of language, etc

**DON'T FORGET TO PEE** (Point-Evidence-Explain)

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"WHY" Questions

These type of questions DO NOT require you to PEE.You are able to retrieve the information into a paragraph. Make sure you include a range of ideas


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"Comparing" Questions

Compare - what is the same

Contrast - what is different

Highlight key words in each question

Spend 10 minutes read both texts closely - form a clear understanding of each text

How to approach each question:

Track through the relevant text

Close-read each sentence

Find and annotate relevant evidence from the beginning, middle and end of the texts

Collate a minimum of 5 ideas from each text

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Writing your response

Turn the question into a sentence stem that you use throughout you response. Refer to the text chronologically.

Leave 4-5 lines between each question if you feel you haven't completed it. If you have time at the end of your exams, go ack and finish off or add more detail/information on certain questions.

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