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Critical quotes for Enduring Love, The Kite Runner, Browning's poems and Rossetti's poems

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Enduring Love

"Rationality is a precious and precarious construct in the novel" Mars-Jones

"[McEwan's] dark glance reminds us that normal behavior conceals but does not banish unsavory truths." Birkets

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The Kite Runner

"It is a history that can intimidate and exhaust an outsider's attempts to understand, but Hosseini extrudes it simply and quietly into an intimate account of love, honour, guilt, fear and redemption that needs no dry history book or atlas to grip and absorb." Hill

"The Kite Runner is about the price of peace, both personal and political, and what we knowingly destroy in our hope of achieving that, be it friends, democracy or ourselves." Hill

"Though a tale of physical exile, the primary movement is of psychological resolution, towards a narrative resolution." Lea

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"Female sexuality and education were constantly, although paradoxically linked in Rossetti's time." Scholl

"[Women] are constrained by the gender-roles into which a male-dominated society has placed them." Phillips 

"Temptation, in both its human and its theological sense, is the thematic core of Goblin Market " Packer

"no poem of hers is more clearly based upon personal experience"  Packer

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"Browning... links the creative powers of women with the creative powers of the poet and his feminized artistic sensibility." Hochberg

"The duke is a fragile shell of prestige" Ingersoll

"One is prepared to see Browning disliked for his obscure references and difficult syntax, but the critics of the 1830s, '40s, and '50s were more extreme: it was impossible to make sense of his poetry." Everett

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